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Adrian Hamers, Inc.
Allen Organs - Stadeles (New Jersey)
Allen Organs Studios, Inc. (Long Island)
Artisan Restoration Co., Inc.
Atonement Friars (Holy Mountain Franciscan Retreat Center)
Catholic Cemeteries - Archdiocese of New York
Cave Co.
Church Specialties, LLC
Cribari Vineyards
Cro International
D’Ambrosio Ecclesiastical Art Studios, Inc.
Don Bosco Retreat Center (Marian Shrine)

Egan Church Furnishing & Restoration

Federation of Catholic Teachers

Hiemer & Company Stained Glass

Holy Mountain Franciscan Retreat Center (Atonement Friars)

Institutional Commodity Services

J.R. Mason

John Tiedemann, Inc.

Keck Group

Kel-Mar Designs, Inc.


Marian Shrine, Don Bosco Retreat Center

Martin A. Gleason Funeral Home, LLC
Monte Bros. Sound Systems, Inc.
Parish Property Management
Patrick Baker & Sons
Pauline Books and Media
Rohlf's Stained & Leaded Glass
Root Candles
Sikora & Sons, Inc.
St. Raymond's Cemetery
Theta Discoveries, Inc.
Trinity Automotive Services
Trustees of St. Patrick’s Cathedral
The Verdin Company
Victor Zucchi & Son

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